How to Stay Healthy and Active While Traveling

When planning a vacation or work trip, it is essential to stay healthy and active. Traveling can be stressful; commitment to movement is one of the best ways to reduce stress and increase oxygen flow to both your body and mind.

When traveling by car or plane, take regular breaks to walk around. Walking can help keep you energized and improve your mood.

1. Walk as Much as You Can

No matter if you’re away for work or pleasure, it is essential to stay healthy and active while away. While it may be tempting to neglect exercising while away, doing so could actually have detrimental effects on your overall wellbeing.

One of the best ways to stay active while traveling is by walking as much as possible. Not only does this improve your fitness level, it can also lift your mood and prevent weight gain.

Start your airport experience off on the right foot by avoiding those long, flat escalators which tend to be packed. Instead, take the stairs or take a leisurely walk around the terminal to stretch your legs and get some exercise in.

When staying at a hotel or resort, take advantage of their workout facilities and try to squeeze in an exercise session while there. Even if it’s only 20 minutes, it will still benefit your body and help keep you on track for maintaining good health.

For a more intense workout, try interval training. According to world-renowned exercise physiologist Martin Gibala, doing three 20-second intervals of high intensity exercise can be just as effective as 45 minutes of continuous activity.

To achieve this goal, begin your workout with 3-5 minutes of moderate exercise such as jogging, bear crawls or slow burpees. Afterwards, do one minute of hard exercise like running, mountain-climbing or stair runs followed by 10 minutes of rest.

It is also essential to get enough rest while traveling. A 2015 study revealed that disruptions in your regular circadian rhythm may weaken your immune system and leave you more susceptible to illness.

2. Pack Healthy Snacks

No matter if you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, snacking on healthy foods is essential to staying on track with your diet. Having a nutritious snack at hand will help curb cravings and lower the temptation to indulge in junk foods when hunger strikes.

Maintaining a supply of healthy snacks in your carry-on will save you from having to make an unproductive search for food once at your destination. Many airlines are now offering healthier options onboard their flights.

Nutritionists suggest packing single-serving snacks that don’t need refrigeration until opened. Examples include fruit cups, turkey or salmon jerky (watch the sodium content if you have salt-sensitive hypertension), and other convenient grab-and-go items that don’t require refrigeration until opened.

Dietitians often recommend snacking on protein- and fiber-rich snacks such as nuts (opt for natural varieties without added sugar), dried mango, or hard-boiled eggs. These nutrients help regulate blood sugar levels, stabilize moods, and provide lasting energy.

Nuts and seeds are an excellent source of healthy fats, which can keep you feeling satisfied for longer periods of time. Sunflower seeds in particular are beneficial in this regard since they’re packed with omega-3 fatty acids which promote heart health.

If you’re on a budget, look for low-sugar, high-protein almond butter packets that are convenient to pack and won’t add too much weight to your backpack or suitcase. Try spreading it on apple chips or just enjoy it by itself!

Water is essential for staying hydrated and keeping your body functioning optimally. Carrying a bottle in your purse or bag will guarantee you stay hydrated even when out and about, while drinking lots of liquids on long flights can prevent dehydration.

3. Try Local Activities

While traveling, it’s essential to stay healthy and active as much as possible. Exercising can improve sleep quality, alertness, and keep your immune system strong; additionally, it relieves stress and makes the trip less demanding in general.

One of the best ways to explore your local activities is by trying some new ones. No matter if you live in a large or small city, there are always opportunities for something thrilling and new to try.

For the most enjoyable activity, opt for one that emphasizes teamwork over competition. Host a picnic party to see who can complete the most amusing photo and video challenges within the shortest amount of time.

Another excellent way to stay active is by taking a leisurely bike ride along the beach or through back streets. Not only will this activity raise your heart rate, but it’s also fun!

You can achieve the same effect by visiting your local water park. Not only will this keep you cool off while taking in all of the natural splendor of your travel destination, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to get your daily dose of Vitamin D as well.

To stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals, plan an active day ahead of time. This could include taking a brisk walk or even doing yoga – the great part is you won’t have to lug around too much gear with you.

4. Bring a Gym Bag

Road warriors or those on-the-go for work have several options to stay healthy and active while on the go. One great option is bringing along a travel-friendly gym bag; this makes exercise easier while on the go.

Holly Perkins, CSCS and founder of Women’s Strength Nation, suggests taking along a few workout essentials that are easy to transport in a backpack. These may include resistance bands with handles, trigger point balls for targeted myofascial release exercises, jump ropes and multiple pairs of sneakers.

She strives to pack light and versatile clothes so she can switch into them quickly while traveling. “I like being able to dress up for business meetings but also look casual on the beach,” she explains.

Another way to stay active while away on vacation is by searching for recreational activities in your destination, such as swimming, river rafting or even hiking. Not only will these be enjoyable and adventurous activities for you and your family members, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to see some stunning sights around you.

If you’re staying in a city, many cities offer bike-sharing programs which enable you to rent bikes for the day or several hours. Not only is this an excellent way to explore your new destination by bike, but it can also be an excellent opportunity for some exercise while away on vacation.

Sleep is essential for health, particularly when traveling or on vacation. Seven to eight hours of shut-eye each night will keep you feeling rested and rejuvenated when it’s time to explore your surroundings.

5. Hire a Personal Trainer

No matter if you’re traveling for work or pleasure, it’s essential to keep up with your fitness regimen. Lacking consistency can lead to muscle aches, joint pain and other health issues. Investing in a personal trainer is one way to stay on track and reach your fitness objectives.

Personal trainers are knowledgeable in various workouts and can tailor a program to fit your individual needs. Furthermore, they may offer advice for improving technique during certain exercises.

Professional trainers can be an excellent source of accountability to stay motivated with your fitness goals while on the go or away from home. This may be especially useful if you’re uncertain about the most effective way to train or have difficulty sticking with an exercise schedule.

Before hiring a trainer, it’s wise to interview several candidates. Doing this will allow you to determine if they are compatible with both your fitness objectives and personality.

When interviewing with a prospective employer, be sure to ask questions that address your objectives and concerns. Be sure to inquire about their certification, experience and any other qualifications that are important to you.

Additionally, you’ll want to get a sense of their personality and how they communicate with others. They should demonstrate an genuine interest in you and your objectives, as well as making you feel comfortable working together.

Another effective way to find a personal trainer is by checking local gyms and fitness centers. They often hire new instructors, providing you with an invaluable chance to build your portfolio and develop relationships with potential clients.

You may find work at resorts and spas, especially if you’re open to traveling. With a flexible schedule, this could be an enjoyable way to see the world while earning some extra cash.

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