High Impact Exercises That Will Keep You Fit

High impact exercise is classified as any cardiovascular exercise that is strenuous and both feet are simultaneously off the ground at any point in the routine. This type of exercise is known to burn a lot more calories than most low impact exercises. However, with high impact exercise, you run a higher risk of injury.

High impact training can be a little daunting for beginners, and it is advised that you start slowly and alternate your training sessions between low and high impact exercise, and be sure to take a rest day in between sessions of high impact exercise.

There are great benefits to high impact training such as strengthening your heart and lungs, burning more calories, improving bone density as well as balance and coordination.

Running is the most common form of high impact exercise and can help to improve your long-term fitness.

Pylometric training is great high impact exercise to improve strength and stamina while burning more calories in a single session. This training incorporates the use of medicine balls and jumping on and off boxes to get your heart rate up.

Jumping rope is a simple yet highly effective form of exercise. This high impact training really gets your heart rate up while improving coordination.

Burpees are a challenging but highly rewarding exercise. This training is great for strengthening your legs, core and upper body with the intense movements.

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