6 Exercises That Will Improve Your Fitness

Most of us don’t have sufficient time for exercise. That’s why we must maximize the impact of the exercises we do. It’s about working smart and using what little time we have. There are a lot of exercises out there, but these are some that will help you with your long-term fitness:

  • Walking and building up to jogging is still the best way to exercise. It stimulates the blood flow and the heart rate. Use weights when you go for a walk or jog and increase some uphill and downhill stretches to push your body.
  • Elliptical machines put less stress on the legs, allowing you to go further for longer. They strengthen muscles in the legs and back and provide a good cardio workout.
  • Stair climbing builds on your fitness levels. Whether you use a StairMaster or you climb the stairs in your office building, this exercise builds endurance. The motion of elevating the body as you climb the stairs will build strength in your legs.
  • Cycling is another activity that builds fitness. A stationary bike is perfect for those who don’t get to cycle outside every day. But the best part of cycling is getting back to nature.
  • Rowing builds the upper body and arm strength you need. It also builds endurance as you use your whole body to complete the motion.
  • Yoga makes your body flexible and strong. It isn’t as easy as it looks, and it builds up your fitness levels.

Originally Published by: fitnesscourage.com

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