Alcohol (how it affects your health)

There are certain things that we continue to ingest despite knowing how negatively they impact our lives and alcohol claims a superior position on the list. People find this prohibited drink extremely alluring because of the effects it has on the human body and mind. It is a mode of relaxation for many and can be considered somewhat harmless if consumed in moderation. However sadly, very few people keep moderation in mind when it comes to the boozy beverages.

A huge part of the modern society consumes alcohol in harmful amounts without really realizing the adverse effects it has on one\’s body and mind. It is common knowledge that too much alcohol consumption can cause nausea, vomiting, lack of judgment, head cramps and loss of consciousness, but these are only the tip of the iceberg. Other significant effects include injury, major diseases like liver and kidney damage which can ultimately lead to an untimely demise.

Although alcohol is never totally safe to consume for any adults, there is a standard limit set to keep the damage to a minimum. Most health guidelines recommend no more than two standard drinks on any given day, which is shocking considering the amount that most adults actually consume. In reality, a vast majority of people consume more than thrice the recommended level and lead themselves towards unintentional self-harm.

The long term harm of too much alcohol consumption is endless; it not only negatively affects your mind but also destroys your organs bit by bit. Drinking in huge amounts significantly increases your risk of having a stroke or develop dementia in the long term. However, they are quick to affect your heart by increasing your blood pressure, eventually leading to heart attack and permanent heart damage.

Drinking only double the amount of recommended amount initiates risk of liver cancer while long term heavy drinkers may also develop liver cirrhosis. Even if you are staying within the recommended limit, you still stand a chance to fall prey to stomach and bowel cancer, as well as bowel ulcers. Alcohol negatively affects a man\’s fertility by reducing their testosterone levels and sperm count while it causes menstrual problems in women.

Apart from all these deadly diseases, there is always a chance of you indulging in a drink too many and ultimately meeting a life-threatening accident. The short term uncertainty that comes with indulging in too much alcohol is way scarier than what might be the outcome in the long term. Therefore, drink wisely and work towards saving yourself and others in the process. You don\’t have to completely eliminate booze from your lifestyle but keep in mind not to let your indulgence be the cause of anybody\’s misfortune.

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