What Are the Best Supplements for Adrenal Support?

If you have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue or simply feel fatigued all the time, there are supplements that can help combat this problem.

Vitamin C and Magnesium are essential in managing symptoms of this condition, as they help control cortisol production by the adrenal glands.

Astragalus Root

Astragalus root has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to support the immune system, reduce inflammation and boost energy levels.

This herb is an excellent source of antioxidants, which can protect you against the negative effects of stress and other environmental elements. Furthermore, it helps restore a balanced state to your adrenal glands – responsible for producing cortisol and other key hormones – by helping restore their function.

Increased Immunity

Studies have demonstrated that astragalus root can boost your immune system to combat infections and viruses. It may even help prevent colds and flu by increasing the body’s production of white blood cells.

Furthermore, it reduces triglycerides – a type of fat which may contribute to heart disease and other ailments. Furthermore, it has been known to lower blood pressure.

Better kidney Health

Animal experiments have demonstrated that astragalus can improve kidney function. Additionally, it helps reduce triglycerides and enhances your kidney’s capacity to remove extra fluid from your body.

Enhancing Heart Health

Astragalus may protect against heart disease by maintaining calcium homeostasis in your heart, which prevents further damage to arteries during a heart attack. Additionally, it prevents hardening of artery walls – another potential risk factor for heart disease – which could have occurred without Astragalus supplementation.

Astragalus can be consumed in tincture or tea form, or taken as a supplement. You can buy it at most health food stores; however, always consult your doctor first before taking astragalus as it may react with certain medications and should not be used by those pregnant or breastfeeding, those with an autoimmune disease, and those taking chemotherapy drugs.


The adrenal glands are two pyramid-shaped organs located above the kidneys that aid in combatting stress by producing appropriate hormones. Not only do they fight fatigue and muscular weakness, but they may reduce long-term stress if properly supported.

When the adrenal glands become overworked, it may lead to a variety of symptoms. These include:

Adrenal fatigue can make it hard to relax or get enough shut-eye, which may lead to issues such as mood swings and difficulty focusing. Furthermore, adrenal fatigue inhibits cortisol production – the primary stress hormone responsible for maintaining energy levels and overall wellbeing – from the body.

That is why having a supplement that supports the adrenal glands is so important. These supplements should include herbs that reduce inflammation and boost immunity; in turn, this also tends to increase energy levels for people.

Cordyceps mushrooms are an adaptogen that helps to reduce stress and keep your body in a balanced, sustainable state. Furthermore, these powerful antioxidants shield cells against free radical damage which is known to contribute to aging and chronic illness.

These mushroom-like fungi also increase oxygen uptake in your brain, helping to prevent mental fatigue and enhance cognitive performance. This is especially beneficial if you’re facing age-related cognitive decline that increases the likelihood of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Cordyceps may improve the efficiency of both your liver and non-exercising skeletal muscle by stimulating ATP production in these areas. This increases exercise capacity, while helping you get more done during the day without feeling exhausted.


Eleuthero, commonly referred to as Siberian ginseng, has been used for centuries to increase energy and immunity. It may reduce fatigue and enhance mental performance as an adaptogen – that is, it helps your body better handle stress.

It can be taken in various forms, such as powder, tincture or extract. You may also use its leaves and stems to make a tea. When combined with other herbs like echinacea or astragalus, you can create an effective formula that supports adrenal function.

Some people report that taking eleuthero can help them enhance their concentration and focus, particularly if they are feeling depressed or under stress. This is likely because it increases oxygenation and circulation to the brain while having anti-stress and antioxidant effects.

Adrenal fatigue is a widespread condition that can lead to other health issues. Signs and symptoms include persistent fatigue, low libido, frequent infections, insomnia, irritability, moodiness and cravings for sweet foods.

Eleuthero is one of the most effective herbs for treating adrenal fatigue. Studies have proven it can increase alertness, combat fatigue, and speed up recovery times after illness. Furthermore, it may have beneficial effects on the HPA axis as well.

Eleuthero can be taken in doses ranging from 100 to 600 mg daily; however, this high dosage should only be used under the guidance of a natural health practitioner to ensure you receive the appropriate amount.

When dealing with adrenal fatigue, it is essential to drink plenty of water. This will help maintain your fluid levels and prevent dehydration, which could further exacerbate the symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue.


Ashwagandha is an effective adaptogen that has been used for centuries to treat ailments such as high stress and sleep disorders. Additionally, it helps lower cortisol levels – which may alleviate adrenal fatigue symptoms.

Ashwagandha can be highly beneficial, but it should only be used under the supervision of a trained practitioner. This herb may be too stimulating for those in later stages of adrenal fatigue, leading them to experience symptoms such as wiredness and exhaustion.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb, so it’s best to take it at the appropriate time of day in order to reap all its rewards. For optimal effectiveness, take this herb in the morning or around lunchtime.

Ayurvedic practitioners have used ashwagandha for centuries to treat chronic stress and insomnia. Studies have demonstrated that the herb can increase energy levels, regulate hormones and enhance libido.

This adaptogen has also been known to boost immunity. It may aid in thyroid function for those suffering from Hashimoto’s or Graves’ disease, who have sluggish thyroids.

Ashwagandha also exhibits anti-inflammation effects, which can be especially beneficial to those suffering from chronic stress. Chronically stressed individuals often struggle with inflammation issues which may manifest as pain and joint aches, muscle weakness, headaches, low moods, brain fog, irritability, sleep disturbances and more.

Research has demonstrated that this herb can lower blood sugar, combat oxidative stress and protect against stress-induced ulcers in rats. Furthermore, leucocytosis – an indication of infection – was reduced when administered to animals.

Adrenal support is vital for reestablishing balance and improving overall health. Taking the right supplements can make a major difference in how well you feel in everyday life. Working with an expert who specializes in NEM response health care will be best, as they will create an individualized plan to address stressors while restoring equilibrium.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil is an ideal herb for adrenal support as it reduces stress levels and supports the body’s natural healing process, helping to regulate cortisol levels and restore energy balance.

Holy basil, an herb from the family Euphorbiaceae, is an effective adaptogen. It can boost your immunity and promote mental clarity.

Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Furthermore, it has been used to soothe anxiety, depression and insomnia.

To get the most out of holy basil, sip on a cup of tea or combine it with other herbal extracts such as rhodiola or ashwagandha. Doing so can help you feel more calm and relaxed throughout your day.

Other advantages include protection from elevated cortisol levels, improved glucose regulation and a positive impact on the brain, thyroid system, gastrointestinal system and other organs. Furthermore, it protects the liver and helps with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

A study revealed that holy basil proved more effective at relieving symptoms of stress than a placebo, decreasing corticosterone and other stress hormones among test subjects.

Holy basil comes in several varieties, such as Amrita, Rama, Krishna and Vana. Each has its own distinct flavor and aroma that set them apart.

For centuries, this herb has been used to treat a range of conditions; however, it’s especially helpful in supporting an adaptive response to stress. Before trying any new herb, be sure to consult your health professional first as some supplements may interact with medications you already take.

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