What Are the Best Foods for a Healthy Menstrual Cycle?

What Are the Best Foods for a Healthy Menstrual Cycle

Women should pay careful attention to their menstrual cycles for optimal health. A healthy period can be achieved through proper nutrition and increased awareness.

Foods rich in essential vitamins can be an invaluable way to ease pain, bloating, and mood swings caused by hormone changes during your period. Here are some top choices that can help boost your health and keep you feeling great!


Women often struggle with mood swings, bloating, cramps and low energy during their period. To combat this discomfort it’s essential to consume foods rich in essential nutrients that will support hormonal equilibrium while on your period.

Fruits are one of the best food choices to help support a healthy menstrual cycle. Packed full of natural sugars that aid blood sugar stabilization, they also contain water to keep you hydrated and keep you feeling your best!

As your body experiences menstruation, it loses water and blood at an unprecedented rate, necessitating you to remain properly hydrated during those first couple days when symptoms may include bloating and headaches. Eating fresh, ripe fruits like watermelon or cucumber will help ensure adequate hydration levels as well as alleviate bloating or cramps symptoms.

Avocados are another great fruit to include during your period. Packed with healthy fats +Omega 3’s, avocados will boost energy levels while helping prevent any feelings of bloat or discomfort. Plus they’re packed full of fiber which will satiate cravings!

Pineapple can help ensure a healthier menstrual cycle as it contains potassium and vitamin C, along with iron and calcium. Plus, its phytoestrogen content helps regulate hormones and ease period pain.

Mangoes are an ideal food to add to your menstrual cycle diet as they are rich in vitamin B6, iron and antioxidants – not to mention anti-inflammatory compounds that will ease cramps and breast discomfort during your period.

Green leafy vegetables are an ideal food to include during your period, as they’re packed full of iron, folate, potassium and calcium – essential nutrients which will replenish any lost iron during menstruation and regulate your blood flow.

Seeds are another fantastic food choice to support a healthy menstrual cycle as they contain many essential vitamins and minerals – specifically folic acid and soluble fiber, both essential components in maintaining hormonal equilibrium during your period.

Seeds can also help combat PMS symptoms by providing fiber and protein sources that can help manage appetite during your period.

Some seeds contain magnesium, which can help soothe and relax both your nervous system and muscles. Furthermore, potassium and calcium found in seeds can help decrease period bloat by providing vital nourishment during periods.

Chocolate is another ideal food to keep menstruation healthy as it contains iron, copper, vitamin E and calcium – not to mention magnesium and vitamin D which help ease menstrual cramps and stress!

Drinking herbal teas is another effective way to ease cramping during your period, and may provide other advantages like stress relief and aiding sleep. Chamomile, fennel or ginger varieties make excellent options.

An effective and cost-efficient way to combat heavy periods is to eat plenty of fruits and veggies throughout your cycle, giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs for optimal functioning! Doing this is surefire way of improving overall health while making sure you feel your best every month!

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