MSG is actually safe, and 5 other times we’ve gotten it wrong about food additives

  • For years people thought MSG, an artificial flavoring agent, was causing illness. But studies have shown it’s perfectly safe for most people.
  • Just because something is artificial doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dangerous to your health. As with anything else, it’s best to enjoy things like sweeteners and processed foods in moderation. 
  • Here are some of the most common food additives people thought were dangerous, and what science actually says about how they impact your health. 
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Many of the foods we eat everyday contain artificial ingredients. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since they’re used to preserve foods. They also add color, flavor, texture, and otherwise enhance the things we eat. 

Certain additives have come under fire for potential health risks, some of which are unfounded. But several high-profile ingredients demonized cancer- or disease-causing toxins have been proven to be perfectly safe in moderate amounts. 

The latest research on MSG, food dyes, and other common additives has debunked some of the scariest health warnings against them. 

However, just because something is safe doesn’t mean that it’s healthy for you, especially in large quantities. It’s still best to eat a balanced diet mostly made up of whole foods, with plenty of fruits and veggies, and limiting processed foods. 

This is the latest research on common food additives, how they could affect your health, and why you shouldn’t worry too much about consuming them in moderation.  

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